Pachyrhino Antique Brass Pin


Expedition Alaska Dinosaurs - Pachyrhinosaurus Museum Collection Pin


  • Pachyrhinosaurus means "thick nose", which refers to the large bony mass above the nose and eyes. In life, this bone was covered by a horny, fingernail-like layer. 
  • Crafted in the USA

More about Past Special Exhibit -Expedition Alaska Dinosaurs: 

A past special exhibit at the University of Alaska Museum of the North reveals the story of the animals and plants that lived in Alaska during the Age of Dinosaurs. “Expedition Alaska: Dinosaurs” contains dozens of never-before-displayed specimens from museum expeditions over the last decade.

During the Mesozoic Era (from 252 to 66 million years ago), much of Alaska was a polar forest teeming with dinosaurs. Scientists can paint a picture of what it looked like and what kinds of animals lived here. The evidence comes from the bones and footprints they left behind. UAMN paleontologists collect fossils in every corner of Alaska - from the frigid North Slope to the mountains of Central and Southwest Alaska to the coastal forests of Southeast. The museum has the only research lab in the state dedicated to studying dinosaurs. In this exhibit, visitors had a chance to see authentic Alaska dinosaurs, view fossils and try their hand at excavating, examine dinosaur teeth under a microscope, and explore a virtual field camp.