Blueberry Shoe


Ann Dixon's delightful story, illustrated with enchanting, colorful linocuts by Evon Zerbetz, presents a playful look at the secret world of woodland creatures.

In tender and playful detail, Blueberry Shoe describes the sequence of creatures who sleep in, play with, and plan to eat Baby's lost shoe. First vole curls insid ethe shoe and makes a cozy nest of it. After vole slips away, a fox mother finds the shoe and tosses it, thinking it will be a fine plaything for her kits. And finally, a bear sniffs the lost shoe and expects it will yield a tasty morsel.

As the shoe is lost and found several times, young readers will wonder just what will happen to Baby's shoe. But it will take the arrival of another summer and another blueberry-picking trip up Ptarmigan Mountain to reveal the answer. Through lilting words and the bright, inspired linocut illustrations, children are sure to find this a memorable, memorizable story.

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